SolDevelo summer anniversary party

This year brings the 15th anniversary of our company. We decided to combine the celebration of this special occasion with our annual summer party and turn it into a trip. 

We wanted to celebrate the success not only with our employees, but also with our close ones, so we invited accompanying persons to the event. This made us celebrate in a large group of 72 people! We did our best to ensure that the trip contained all the components needed to satisfy various expectations – an outdoor activity in the beautiful Kashubian scenery, an opportunity to develop cooperation skills, time for rest and relaxation, as well as for reflection, reminiscences, awards, wishes, and great fun late into the night.

The place of our integration was the Mistral Hotel in Gniewino. The location itself is quite special – during the Euro 2012 (European Football Championship), this four-star facility hosted the players of the Spanish national team. Lasting reminders of their stay can be found throughout the hotel, serving as an attraction for the visitors. These football references perfectly matched the atmosphere of the ongoing Euro 2024, which quite a few of us are following, including through an internal betting league.

The celebrations began with a barbecue on the hotel’s terrace along with handing out SolDevelo goodies. It has become our tradition to prepare a gift set for the summer. This year, the common theme linking all SolDevelo-branded gifts was travel. 

After the barbecue, we went on a canoe trip, the route of which led along the Piasnica River, all the way to the sea – the end point was the seaside beach. The route was incredibly scenic and winding, which required not only some strength, but also effective teamwork, since we were canoeing in pairs. We got very lucky with the weather – the sun accompanied us practically until the end of the paddling. 

After returning to the hotel we had free time. Some of us spent it actively, taking advantage of the hotel’s facilities: swimming pool, gym, saunas and jacuzzi. Others watched football games or simply relaxed, gathering strength for the evening. And there were plenty of attractions still waiting!

The evening opened with a gala dinner. During it, photos documenting the years of the organization’s activities were projected on a screen, offering an excellent opportunity for some reminiscence. The dinner was followed by the official part, inaugurated with a speech by the CEOs, summarizing the past years. This was followed by the presentation of anniversary statues. They were given to all employees with over 5 years of seniority. This part was accompanied by a quiz, in which the audience had to guess which employee we were referring to on the basis of collected information – it related to professional life, but also their personality, inside jokes, and all other details that make us admire them as both colleagues and friends.

We continued with a presentation on the CSR action we have implemented, which is an important part of the anniversary celebration. The initiative we undertook consists of 2 parts, but it is guided by the same goal: to have a positive impact on the surroundings through pro-environmental action. The first part involved planting a tree on the premises of the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia, where the company has had its headquarters from the very beginning of its existence, and the second – which is, in a way, an extension of the first one – was planting 150 trees in cooperation with the “” company.

The official part ended with wishes for the upcoming years relating to the symbolism of the number 15 – it should be emphasized that the date of our anniversary party, June 15, coincided perfectly with the date of the formal establishment of the company.

Another highlight of the evening’s agenda was a play of SolDevelo Match, a jubilee game created specifically for our company. SolDevelo Match is inspired by the popular game called Dobble, but we designed our own set of cards, with drawings related to the company, its history, operations and daily functioning. 

And then the party began, with a DJ, energetic dance tutorial and a video box. The rumor is that the most persistent partygoers were still partying long after the event officially ended. 

The next day still allowed for an unhurried breakfast and relaxation on the hotel site, before it came the time to return home.

The event was certainly a sumptuous celebration of the company’s founding anniversary. We hope that it provided all participants with a lot of positive experiences, and allowed them to look to the future with optimism. 

With such a team you can boldly enter the next 15 years!


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