Al Majmoua

Development and improvement of Android application. Adapting the system to the client’s needs.





Al Majmoua (The Lebanese Association For Development) is an independent non-profit Lebanese microfinance institution that offers micro-entrepreneurs, particularly women, group and individual loans, and free non-financial services through its network of 22 branches all over Lebanon. Al Majmoua (which is the Arabic term of “the group” ) was initially created in 1994 as a microfinance program by Save the Children to provide group loans to low-income women entrepreneurs. In 1997, it spun off into a fully autonomous NGO.​




We helped Al Majmoua develop and improve Mifos Android application, as well as to adapt the Mifos system to client needs. We were involved in enhancing financial calculations in the micro-finance component of the Mifos application.





“SolDevelo proved to be professional and accurate, were all services were delivered on time and through a very organized and timely manner.”


George Lteif
IT Manager, AL Majmoua


Technologies used

java logo Spring logo Struts




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