Agile Conference: Agile Swarming 2022

Let’s Share All Things Agile at Agile Swarming Conference 2022!


SolDevelo as an organization is currently at the moment of dynamic growth and scaling up! This transformation is deeply impacted by Agile frameworks, practices and tools. We have been implementing the OKR framework (Objectives and Key Results) since the end of 2021. It serves as the base and the driver of change in our organization. 


This is still just the very beginning of our OKR project. We are currently working on finishing the pilot. In the first few months of the implementation there will be an opportunity to sum up, analyze, and gather feedback. The internal town hall for all of the employees has already been set up. As we were working on the project, a new occasion to share knowledge, experience and good practices appeared. A great event, known as Agile Swarming Conference, is about to happen in Cracow this April. Two of our scrum masters and agile coaches – Grzegorz and Justyna – will take part in the event, and are preparing to present a case study from SolDevelo’s OKRs implementation.

Agile Swarming insights

Agile Swarming is an international conference for scrum masters, agile coaches, team leaders, project managers and those who are interested in Agile. The agenda is set up for two days and is full of speeches, keynotes, workshops and lectures. Taking part in the event is an opportunity to meet and connect with other passionate people and specialists who are involved in conducting the Agile transformation in their companies. 

We are sure that our case study will be an inspiration for scrum masters and leaders who are considering implementing the management by objectives system as a part of the Agile transformation, and would like to improve the flexibility, fastness and competitiveness in their companies.

The title of Grzegorz and Justyna’s lecture is: How Management by Objectives May Boost Your Agility (Case Study from designing and implementing OKRs in the software house)In the speech they will discuss the purpose of the management by objectives as a part of Agile transformation, as well as explore the role of scrum masters in the process. 

Full description: You might have just implemented Agile in your organization. Or maybe you have been working in Scrum Framework for a while now. Regardless of the situation, the time has come for the next step. You already know the tools, the rules and the principles. What you aim for now is being more focused, transparent, open and adaptive. There are a lot of ways to develop your organizational agility. One of them is management by objectives (MBO) – created and described by Peter Drucker, and then redefined in the OKR framework (Objectives and Key Results).

In this speech we would like to explain why – as scrum masters – we have started and facilitated the process of implementing OKRs in our organization. We will also discuss how we designed the process, how we involved the top managers and leaders and what is the current result of the OKR pilot. 

The registration for Agile Swarming Conference is free. The event will take place in Cracow on 6th-7th April. Do not hesitate to apply:


Hope to see you there!



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