Custom Software Development

Custom software development is a strongly beating heart of our company, it actually sets the rhythm of all our activities.

Choose it right

In a world of constant technological advancements, choosing the right software development partner can be crucial to your business success. Our mission is to assist you in your journey of selecting the finest solutions. Using our experience in project management, data management, online and mobile application development, and comprehensive consulting services, we will work with you to create software tailored to your specific needs.

Who is it for?

Our main focus is always the client’s success. We take time to learn about your company and your goals, aiming to create the most suitable solution. Having worked with businesses in sectors such as banking, healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications, and retail, we are always open to new challenges. We have the expertise to meet your needs, whether they include a straightforward product, or a technologically sophisticated concept.

Custom software development could be highly important because it allows for meeting unique requirements at a cost competitive with purchasing, maintaining, and modifying commercial software.

Custom Software Development Advantages​


The key purpose of custom software is to support all processes both swiftly and productively.

Less expensive integration

Unlike commercial solutions, custom software is created to integrate with the environment it is meant for.


Custom software can expand along with the industry reducing costs of buying new applications whenever different requirements arise.


Creating bespoke software offers the potential for financial gain.


It is beneficial for those who don’t want to be dependent on vendor’s decisions regarding the product and license price.

At SolDevelo, teamwork is one of our most cherished values. It is the foundation of our strength.

Contact us and let us help you with choosing the right direction!

A team that will be involved in your project from the very beginning

Not random, but carefully selected ones.

To ensure proper quality of developers’ work

UX/UI Designer
To take care of user experience and satisfying aesthetics of your product
Scrum Master

To support the efficiency of the team and remove possible obstacles

Project Manager

To make sure everything is going in the right direction, also your main point of contact

Enabling team

To set up an infrastructure and take care of CI/CD services

To shorten and speed up the system development life cycle, and deliver services at high velocity.

How does the process look like?


Introduction Meeting

To get to know your vision and goals, as well as your expectations regarding the possible upcoming project we definitely should begin with an introduction meeting. Ultimately, it’s a good idea to get to know your team before winning a game.


Product Discovery

The next stage includes a thorough review of the requirements, determining how we will measure progress and what key aspects we should pay attention to in order to make sure that our mutual goal is achieved.


Preparing proposal and Client decision

Having already collected clear guidelines and perfectly understanding your needs, we will prepare a detailed project scope along with task and risk estimation, establish required resources, calculate the budget, and prepare the project timeline.


Project Kick-off

Our goal is to create functional, valuable, and visually beautiful digital products. We will work with you through every stage of the design process, including project setup, research and idea creation, wireframing, testing and validation, and graphic design.


Preparing Design

In this phase we will closely monitor the progress and react quickly to any changes in requirements. You'll receive reports and updates regularly as communication is a key for us.



At this stage, the product is built, tested, and reviewed. The development is divided into smaller milestones and cycles that need to be completed to make sure that the product meets the requirements and quality standards.


Launch of MVP

MVP stands for a Minimum Viable Product – a product with enough features to attract customers in the early stages of product development. Launching MVP helps the product team quickly get feedback from users to improve your product based on their insight.


Further development or maintenance

Ongoing maintenance to fix issues and adjust functionality, according to the shifting market dynamics. We will keep an eye on your product to make sure it stays relevant and meets the users’ expectations.

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