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Python is a programming language suitable for constantly evolving environments, and can serve as a creation tool for websites, desktop and network applications, games, and analytical and report generation scripts.

Python Development

Python means dynamics. This language has been used to build not only YouTube, Google App Engine, and Instagram but also the protocols managing the launch control in NASA space shuttles.

There are at least two reasons for its success: productivity and quick implementation of new functionalities. Python code is simply flexible and easy to expand and update.

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Why you should choose Python?

Cloud Computing, Big Data and Machine Learning

Python enables us to introduce all the hottest, most efficient tech concepts to your company.

Automates Tasks Easily

Offering a lot of modules and tools, Python lets developers easily automate the process of creating software, and write automated tests.

Multiple Libraries and Frameworks

The variety of libraries allows developers to accelerate the initial development phase.

Easy to use and learn

Due to its syntax simplicity, it's easy to write, read and modify for developers on all levels of senority.

Flexibility and Reliability

Python lets us deliver nearly any type of application.

Python in numbers


The year Python was created


Packages in Python repository

~10 mln

 Python developers (Pythonistas) worldwide

Our Python services

Our Python services

Stable long-term development

Python’s great advantage is code readability which facilitates the work on the extension and enhancement of the application in the long term, allowing continuous, conflict-free development.

Python’s simplicity, support on many operating systems, and a large number of scientific libraries available, made Python the first choice for machine learning projects, based on the 2021 Octoverse report.

Which language is better – Python or Java?

Choosing the suitable programming language for your project requires a thorough understanding of its character as well as your business needs and team structure.

Java is probably a more adequate choice for working with limited memory and performance issues, while Python is a better option for more versatile programming tasks.

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