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A mobile sustainability app to support an eco-friendly lifestyle. Daily reports and rewards for completing eco-related tasks.


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Defining the problem

What is sustainability?

Life on the run and growing consumerism have a disastrous impact on the environment, but also on ourselves. However, there are steps we can take right now to make a real difference.

What is the purpose of the app?

The sustainability app reminds you of daily tasks that help you live a sustainable life. For each completed task, you get badges that can be exchanged for eco-friendly products at partner stores.

Design process


Software Brief

Gathering Information and Reference Materials.



Business Analysis. Trend Analysis. Competitor Analysis. UX Research.



Observational Research. Value Proposition. Customer Journey.


Concept & Validation

Concept. User Story. Use Cases. Wireflows. Interface Architecture. Wireframing



UX Design. UI Design. Prototyping. Style Guide.


What can you find in the app?

Customized Sustainability Goals

Set and track sustainability goals tailored to your household’s needs in categories such as Water, Kitchen, Living Room, Grocery, and Transport.

Smart Home Integration

Control electricity and media usage through our smart home device integration. See real-time savings and environmental impact as you adjust to sustainable rules.

Resourceful Tips

Access a wealth of tips, guides, and expert advice on sustainable practices for every aspect of your home life.

Shopping and Product Recommendations

Make eco-friendly choices with confidence using our curated recommendations for sustainable products and groceries.

Sustainability Milestones

Earn badges as you accomplish sustainability milestones and proudly share your achievements on social media, inspiring others to join the green movement.

Dashboard Insights

Stay motivated and informed with a personalized dashboard that displays your achievements and progress in each category, making it easy to see the positive changes you’re making.


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