Testing Cup 2017

The Polish software testing championships, TestingCup2017, are over. I was ranked among leaders in software testing in Poland, of which I am very proud.


* Photos source: farmaprom.pl, Metyou.pl

The path to TestingCup 2017 was a little rougher than in previous editions. This year, one had to participate in demanding qualifications in order to take part in the competition. Fortunately, I qualified and was able to compete against the best testers in Poland.


Let us describe the championships themselves


This year, I only participated in them on the first day but despite this fact, I was able to notice many positive changes, which I will describe later on. In this edition, I took part in the individual competition. I really liked the application that I had to test.

What’s more, the organizers decided to mislead the testers a little. Instead of a test report, one had to prepare a test plan. One had three hours to prepare the bug report and the test plan. I think that the lack of division of the competition into rounds (which was the case in the previous edition) was a big advantage. Testers could decide for themselves how to organize their work.

Another advantage was the fact that the competitors could meet the judges and talk to them about the competition. It was also possible to collect the diplomas during the whole championships, thanks to which one didn’t have to wait in a long queue :).

On the first day, there were no extra presentations because the competition was the highlight, though one could participate in inter alia the special guest’s, Peter Madsen’s, lecture called From the ocean floor to space, which was held on the pitch of the Energa Gdańsk stadium.

I hope the next edition will prove even better – I mean not only organizational matters (because the organization was very well-thought-out this year), but also the very competition itself. What will Mr. Buggy surprise us with next year? Will I or any of my SolDevelo colleagues claim a place on the podium? We will find out in the next edition of the TestingCup! Some photos from the event:


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