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E-learning platform aimed at increasing the knowledge of healthcare workers.





Terre des Hommes is the biggest Swiss foundation with the aim to help poor and ill children, as well as those being victims of war. Since 1960, it has been fighting for their rights, as well as their physical and psychological well-being. The foundation’s work contributes to the happiness of children and their mothers daily. This time, Terre des Hommes rose to the challenge of helping ill children in Burkina Faso by means of creating an e-learning platform aimed at reaching as many healthcare workers wanting to help children and their parents as possible.





The mortality rate of children in Burkina Faso is increased due to, inter alia, lack of knowledge among the community, and since the concept of time and space is understood there differently, it was very important to reach as many people wanting to provide medical help as possible. For this reason, we are implementing a new solution – the Performance Management Platform (PMP), a set of tools and methods aimed at providing trainees with easy access to training modules.

The team’s task was to create an application (an e-learning platform) adapted to trainees and enabling them to gain knowledge independently and at their own pace, with the use of a tablet computer or a mobile phone. The application works alongside Rec, a Commcare-based application developed by TdH and Dimagi in order to gather medical data from patients across Burkina Faso.





Our team of over a dozen of SolDevelo employees rose to the challenge of creating two applications from scratch: the Training Management Application (TMA) and the mobile Training Application (TA).

With the use of the web Training Management Application, it is possible, above all, to create training modules and assign them to healthcare workers. As far as the Training Application is concerned, it is an e-learning platform aimed at increasing the trainees’ knowledge.
In order to adapt to the needs of healthcare workers, we implemented active statistics, with the use of which supervisors will be able to assign to trainees only training modules concerning health problems of children living in a given district or treated in a local clinic.



Logistic problems in Burkina Faso limit the access to trainees. Thanks to our e-learning platform, not only the number of well-trained workers and the quality of healthcare will be higher, but also the health of children will improve – their mortality rate will decrease, and their mothers will become less anxious.

With their knowledge, clinicians and nurses will also be able to heighten the social awareness of disease prevention and treatment. The improvement of health in children will also have a significant impact on the health of adults.



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