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The IT market in the Tri-City has undergone enormous changes over the past ten years. Today, IT is the fastest growing industry and programmers are the most desirable employees. This is one of the few industries in which no one has any doubts – it is the employees who deal with the cards and the employers play with what is within their reach – financial and technological. Because in this industry, the desire to develop is often the strongest motivation to change jobs.

Thanks to these changes, HR departments in the IT sector had to rearrange their activities. They began to conduct a well-thought-out recruitment policy promoting the company so as to tempt the best employees. In many cases, however, this is still not enough. For a long time, the growing number of companies and their demand for employees did not go hand in hand with the number of available, well-educated candidates. It became necessary to be open to other solutions, to look over trainees, including those who previously had little to do with technology.

No matter what is their background.
As long as they are good programmers they can join our team. True talent is the most important for us.


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